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How To Protect Your Air Gun From Corrosion

Tips To Protect Your Air Gun Metal attracts rust. In order to keep your air gun operating properly you must take care in how it is stored to prevent corrosion from developing. The primary culprit in the war against corrosion is water. Moisture creates the conditions that result in rust. Protecting your firearm from moisture […]

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Gamo Silent Cat

Best Hunting Air Rifle

What is the Best Hunting Air Rifle? There are many factors to consider when deciding which is the best hunting air guns for your needs. The factors that need to be taken into account are weight power accuracy and sturdiness of the Air gun itself. In order to hunt effectively you need a gun the […]

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Benjamin 392

Hunting Air Gun

No matter what hunters use now – any sort of high-powered hunting rifle – it’s a given that their first rifle wasn’t a .30-30, a .30-06, a shotgun or even a rimfire rifle. Like the majority of hunters, I started out with something simple: a basic air rifle. Like a lot of hunters, I began […]

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Air gun hunting

Air Rifle Hunting

Importance Of Range With Air Rifle Hunting Being a successful  at Air Rifle Hunting means that you’re an accurate shot. Knowing full well that your rifle of choice may have limited range or less power, you’ll need to make sure that it’s an accurate rifle and you are an accurate shot. After all, knowing that […]

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Best Air Rifle Scope

Choosing the Best Air Rifle Scope for Accuracy It is best to put some thought into what is the best Air rifle Scope. Several factors need to be considered such as the range of your rifle and are you using the gun for hunting or target shooting. The more powerful Air Rifle Scopes such as […]

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Gamo Silent Cat

Air gun Law

Don’t Forget About Air Guns & The Law   Despite all of differences between a firearm and an Air Gun it’s important to realize that the law doesn’t differentiate between air rifles and other types of guns when it comes to hunting. Any smart hunter should be completely familiar with their state law before stepping […]

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Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

GAMO Silent Cat Air Rifle

Why Is The GAMO Silent Cat Air Rifle Highly Recommended? Gamma Whisper Silent Cat Review –  one of the most popular air rifles on the market for good reason. It is priced under $150 and is powerful and accurate. There are over 650 reviews of this rifle with an overall rating of 4.2 out of […]

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