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AirSoft Protective GearAirSoft Head protection

Users of AirSoft guns or rifles, should always be wearing protective gear of some kind. The bare minimum is a pair of inexpensive shooting glasses.

But if you want to play Airsoft seriously. Which is when we have the most fun. Remember it is a fast paced game and be prepared to throw yourself to the ground to avoid the hit. The game of Airsoft really gets the adrenaline going.

You can only play like this if you do have appropriate protection for your hips knees and elbows.
Otherwise you are constantly concerned about bruises and scrapes.
Injuries can take you out of the game or the game out of you.
If you are diving for cover behind some protection or having an accidental slide having the correct gear will save you some pain.
Airsoft gear and padding is designed especially for the Airsoft game. It should fit correctly, provide the required protection and breath well so you don’t overheat and up in a pool of sweat.

AirSoft protective gear allows you to stay completely safe when playing with AirSoft guns or rifles. Protective gear comes in many different forms, and  depending on the activity you’re participating in as to what gear is recommended.

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UKARMS Tactical Airsoft Metal Mesh Goggles4.1 - Do not Fog upMore details!
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If you’re looking to ensure that you are enjoy your paintball & AirSoft games it is a wise to make the  investment for good comfortable gear.

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JT Elite HeadShield Single Paintball Mask (Black)
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Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector4.5More details!
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Outdoor Metal Mesh Protective Mask Tactical Airsoft Camouflage Half Face Mask4.4More details!
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JT Bodyguard Neck Protector4.2More details!
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Empire Paintball Youth FT Pants5.0More details!
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Protective gear is truly a good idea for anyone of any age who plays with AirSoft guns or rifles often. No longer will you, or anyone you’re interacting with for that matter, have to worry about getting harmed while using your Air Soft guns or rifles because you’ll have on some AirSoft protective gear.

Having protective gear on ensures that you can fully enjoy using your Air Soft rifles or guns, and not worry about one getting harmed while you enjoy yourselves.

And no one likes having to hang back or ‘play safe’, so why bother with that? Purchasing some AirSoft protective gear will ensure that you can use your Airsoft gun or rifle to its fullest abilities.
Most public places where you can go to use your AirSoft guns or rifles, will often times require protective gear as well. And if you want to avoid using the expensive and dirty rental wear that the place you are at offers, then you are sure to want to go out and purchase protective wear that not only fits you perfectly.


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