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Background Info on Daisy Company

daisy company

The Daisy Company was created in 1880 and has been in the manufacturing business consistently ever since.

Daisy produces airguns are in the main targeted for entry level adults and for children. Many of the rifles have smaller stocks which are suitable for children.

There are a wide variety of rifles that will surely satisfy, particular considering the price point of under $100.  The rifles these days mostly seem to be assembled in USA from imported parts. The Daisy range is very popular with beginners and or users with smaller stature.

In 2001 Daisy and Winchester announced that they were creating a partnership. They relaesed a number of break barrel rifles.

A Proud Tradition and Heritage

Daisy is  proud of their long life in the business and they are also proud of the quality of their guns which has not only to been maintained but also developed into even higher standards. The mock gun market is growing and is therefore open to lots of competition in this field, especially considering how many Americans and people all around the world use guns for hunting and other purposes.

To continue being one of the key players in the field of gun manufacturing, the quality must be present, even if that means sacrificing the quantity produced. A reputable company makes the decision to maintian expert craftsmanship, which ultimately becomes cost-effective. Many fathers have taught their sons and daughters to shoot with a Daisy gun and they have become good with the craft because the gun is comfortable and easy to use. For many people it reminds of childhood play as cowboys and indians. Their best known gun is most likely the Red Ryder BB gun and it is not only been around the longest, but has appeared on the TV quite often as well.

What About Daisy Powerline 880?


Powerline 880 is the flagship of the Daisy Product line. The classic woodgrain handle and sleek steel barrel consistently get great reviews from faithful users. They are easy to handle, lightweight enough to carry thoughout the day but heavy enough to give the shooter great accuracy and aim. The Powerline 880 can be modified to include a sight and scope if desired. They have been created by Daisy specialists  to be more precise and acurate than older models and bring a modern feel to a traditional favorite, with a maximum 800 fires per second.

They have been created for people from 16 years of age and older. Adults who have used guns before might enjoy the Powerline model because it has all the qualities of other guns produced by Daisy. The multi-pump pneumatic system and spring-piston break barrels guarantee the best results. Rifled barrels are designed especially for shooting pallets and they now are capable of even more powerful shots. The velocities are growing and are greater than in the line previously designed for youth. Powerlines are meant for multiple shots and double the action.

PreviewNameStar RatingMore Details

Daisy Outdoor Products Model 35 Boxed (Black, 34.5 Inch)4.4 from over 50 reviewsAir Rifle Airsoft sniper
880 Powerline Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch4.2 from over 200 reviewsAir Rifle Airsoft sniper

Daisy Outdoor Products 901 Gun (Black, 37.5 Inch)4.1 from over 50 ReviewsAir Rifle Airsoft sniper

Daisy Outdoor Products 880 Rifle (Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch)4.1 from over 100 ReviewsAir Rifle Airsoft sniper

Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Gun, Brown/Black, 35.4-Inch4.4 from over 500 ReviewsAir Rifle Airsoft sniper

Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline Air Rifle, Black4.1from over 10 ReviewsAir Rifle Airsoft sniper

All Daisy guns, and that includes Powerline 880, come with a warranty of one year from the original purchase date. Just like any product you purchase it is important to consider the support you will get for the product whilst it is under warranty and the avalibility of parts for service at a later date. It is important because sometimes even with the a very well made product a malfunctioncan occur. The Daisy Company stands behind products to suport thweir well earned reputation. Customer and client support really work well within this company. There will always be people to help explain different aspects of the Powerline airguns and recommend the best practices for specific needs. This will help you find the best model from the wide ranging produce line, since there are many options to chose from.

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