Best Airsoft Gift ideas

Airsoft guns and Airsoft Gear are the ideal Gifts.

For any teenagers, children or adults Airsoft is becoming increasingly popular whether it is to play a game of skirmish or for the fun of target practice. Airsoft is a safe alternative to firearms and the pellets shoot at a lower speed than Air Guns.

If the person you are thinking of buying a gift for has their own Airsoft pistol or Airsoft Rifle there are plenty of gift ideas available. Also one airsoft gun is never enough.

If they have a pistol perhaps they could have fun with an Airsoft sniper rifle. For Airsoft Sniper  Rifle information  go this page for more info. Airsoft Sniper Rifles Explained

For more information regarding Airsoft games –Benefits of Airsoft Games

AirSoft Head protection

Airsoft the ideal Christmas Present

Protective gear is truly a good idea for anyone of any age who plays with AirSoft guns or Airsoft rifles. Even though Airsoft pellets are moving at a lower velocity of around 44 FPS they can still sting on impact. It is not optional to have your eyes protected. And anyone that has been hit in the face knows that the full face shield is also essential. You enjoy the game so much more if participate and don’t hang back because of the fear of getting hit.
Also if you are playing at an airsoft centre you will usually firing that this protection is essential. You may want to hire but hiring ends up being an expensive and often a smelly alternative to owning your own gear

Having protective gear  ensures that you can fully enjoy using your Air Soft rifles or guns, and not worry about getting harmed while you enjoy yourself.

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JT Elite HeadShield Single Paintball Mask (Black)
3.9More details!
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Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector4.5More details!
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Outdoor Metal Mesh Protective Mask Tactical Airsoft Camouflage Half Face Mask4.4More details!
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JT Bodyguard Neck Protector4.2More details!
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Empire Paintball Youth FT Pants5.0More details!
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Outdoor Sports Sunglasses Exchangeable 5 Lenses Unbreakable Polarized UV4004.1 from over 200 reviewsMore details!
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UKARMS Tactical Airsoft Metal Mesh Goggles4.1 - Do not Fog upMore details!
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1. Spring Loaded Airsoft

This system uses a spring to propel the pellet. The guns are often at a lower price point and can be the ideal place for younger people to get into Airsoft. The spring is used to fire the plastic pellet. The gun needs to be cocked after every shot. This style can be successful with when the firing action is a bolt action rifle or a shotgun. Spring loaded can work well with Sniper rifles.

2. Gas Powered Airsoft
Popular with pistols or rifles- Gas powered are mostly used for outdoor target shooting. Their users are of intermediary level players in shooting competitions. They can be either fully automatic or semi automatic and shoot plastic BBs at a higher velocity than spring loaded guns. The gas is commonly propane but other fuel options are available including nitrogen and CO2.

3. Electric Powered Airsoft

These are the most advanced and the most costly guns of the Airsoft guns. Like the gas powered guns they can either be semi automatic or fully automatic. Although they use a spring to fire the pellet, they are operated electrically unlike the spring loaded guns that manually operated.
Advantages Of An Airsoft Gun.

PreviewNameStar RatingMore Details
H&K USP (CO2) - Clear .6MM BB by UMAREX4.2 from a couple of reviewsAir Rifle Airsoft sniper
Tanfoglio Witness 1911 CO2 BB Pistol, Brown Grips air pistol4.3Air Rifle Airsoft sniper
Swiss Arms 941 CO2 Pistol air pistol4.5Air Rifle Airsoft sniper
Undead Apocalypse Z11 Zombie Eliminator4.0Air Rifle Airsoft sniper
Dan Wesson 4" CO2 BB Revolver, Black air pistol4.4Air Rifle Airsoft sniper


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