Review of Airsoft MP5 Gun

General Information on Airsoft MP5 Gun

Airsoft MP5 is was initially developed for various counter terror squads as well as law enforcement agencies. The size of the gun is such that it can be easily adjusted anywhere. The law enforcement squads always need the guns that are smaller in size with a short range and can also fire bullets with an amazing power. It is also worth mentioning that the absence of butt makes it possible for a person to carry the gun in crowd and in dense areas as well. The awesome features of the gun make it the first choice of all the units who provide VIP security.airsoft mp5 gun

This gun is being used worldwide just for one reason, its ability to shoot the target with great energy. The accuracy of the gun is not that good and sometimes makes it almost impossible to hit the target spot on. The development of the gun started somewhere in the mid 90’s and since then due to the concentration of the manufacturer it transformed into the one that is being used today.

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This rifle is powered by CO2 cartridges which need to be ordered separately.

The initial phase of the gun was known as MP-5K PWD which had several limitations due to which has now been improved not only the quality of the gun but also added more features which made the gun lighter in weight and increased the power as well.

  • The magazine has a  40-shot capacity
  • Ammo Type: BB
  • Caliber: .177 HandK Airgun
  • 400 fps with a semi-automatic action
  • Realistic recoil action

The added features of the gun are the vertical front hold which not only makes it easy to hold it while shooting but also allows having a better vision of target.

There are several models of Airsoft MP5 that are available in the market, they all share almost same features with the capability of installing laser guidance accessories as well.

Technical Info

badass mp5

The approximate range of the gun is 160 to 180 feet, other specifications include short barrel which is that of 9 inches only. The magazine has the capacity of 120 rounds and the total length of the gun is 27 inches which makes it quite easy to carry. With the full metal body this gun is the choice of every person who likes to have a class. Airsoft MP5 also includes a switch which makes it possible for the carrier to adjust the gun so that it could be used in semi auto, fully auto and safe modes.

The latest models of the gun also include a rear sight that could be used to target with quiet ease and accuracy, it has not just eliminated the issue related to the accuracy but has also made the gun a fully advanced automatic weapon as well. The rate of fire is greater than [easyazon_link asin=”B001D639RG” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”aihu-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]M15[/easyazon_link] and the power is sufficient to even pierce the bullet through the protection measures such as helmets and fire jackets. On the whole the metallic body looks of the gun and the quality of the exterior components is of top quality.

With the introduction of the latest technologies and the rear sight it has been made possible for the shooters to use the gun with great ease, it has also increased the confidence of the buyers as the manufacturers have received five star reviews in this regard. The spring driven pistons also increase the effectiveness of the Airsoft MP5 gun, one of the most important features of the gun is its high rate of FPS (fire per second), the quality motor and the smashing look makes it a choice of every Airsoft gun user.

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